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Brief Description
ALETA Basic Law Enforcement Training Course
Training Dates
05/04/2025 - 08/01/2025
ALETA Waiver
T-Shirt Size
Weapon Caliber
Firearms Information Form
Registration Dates
02/03/2025 - 04/27/2025
Available Seats
538h 0m
None Specified
Training Location
P.O. Box 3106
6373 Hussey Road
Camden, AR  71701
Resources Required
Arkansas Law Enforcement Training Academy

Notebook for note taking.  *

Pencil (# 2 lead).  Ink pen (black ink) *

Calculator (Scientific with square root function).*

Compass (Draftsman type for drawing circles and arcs).*


Service handgun (9mm, .40 cal, .45 cal) with exterior safety with hammer blocking  mechanism; de-cocking mechanism; or full-time double-action.

Duty belt and holster, leather or nylon.  NO cross draw or shoulder holsters. Holsters with the removable plug in the bottom, please remove prior to attending Academy

Spare magazines, handcuffs and case, magazine pouch, etc.

Body Armor (Bullet Proof Vest) if available


Baton (Straight or Expandable).*

Page Tabs (Stick on for organization of Traffic Law Book)*


Quality Running Shoes.

Gym clothes  (sleeveless shirts prohibited)

Department issued Uniform (complete) for class photograph and role-playing.

Toiletries.  (Bed linen, towels and washcloths are NOT provided.)

Clean Laundry Bag.*

Alarm Clock.

Dog-tag type chain or lanyard for nametag and door key card.  *

16-ounce to 1 liter plastic container for drinking water during physical activities.*

Boots  (Military style, black, lace-up combat), Belt

MMA Gloves and Athletic CUP

Bedding (pillow and white pillow case, top and fitted sheets for twin size mattress)

Clothing: At least three pairs of khaki colored pants that meet or are comparable to the following brands/styles:
1. 511 Tactical TDU pants. Taclite, Twill, or Ripstop styles are acceptable.
2. Propper F5220
3. Tru Spec BDU
4.     Tan Cargo Shorts with 6 inch inseam for outside practicals
The pants should be the appropriate length to be worn outside the boot and will not be worn bloused at the top of the boots

* Available in Cop Shop
Reporting Instructions
Note: The Physical Training Form requires a doctor’s signature that you are able to perform the listed activities.  Successful completion of the physical training requirements is necessary for graduation the same as firearms qualification and passing weekly exams.

Sunday the First Day of the Academy:
Training will begin promptly at 2:00 p.m.   You are to be standing in front of your vehicle waiting on Instruction dressed for the physical fitness exam – shirts without sleeves are unacceptable.  You should have a filled water bottle and writing device with you.
After the physical fitness entrance testing, classroom orientation will begin which will explain the rules and what is expected of you while attending the Arkansas Law Enforcement Training Academy.  Dinner will be provided at approximately 5:00 p.m.
Generally: Daily classes begin at 5:15 a.m. and end at  5:00 p.m.  The week concludes after the weekly examination on Friday.  ALETA East Camden is a closed campus and you will not be able to leave from arrival on Sunday until dismissal on Friday without PRIOR departmental and ALETA notification.
Classes after 5:00 p.m. may be labelled as ELECTIVE courses. – these courses are generally optional but are provided as  a courtesy to you.
The following elective courses are offered during the basic training class: Radar/ Lidar, Civil Process, Intoximeter, Arkansas Court security, BAT Mobile, and First Aid – CPR, a portion of ACIC.  * The Sheriff’s Association REQUIRES deputies to take Civil Process.  The Radar/Lidar requires completion of the practical exercise during daylight hours and may affect you lunch hour.

If you have any questions , or need further assistance, or WILL NOT attend please contact:
Michelle Stokes, at 870-574-1810.
Signup Details
Students attending the Arkansas Law Enforcement Training Academy should provide copies of certificates of completion in the IS-700 an Introduction,  ICS-100 Incident Command System an Introduction and TIM (National Traffic Incident Management First Responder Training)


FOR IS-700 (NIMS): the IS-700.a is an acceptable alternative.
FOR ICS-100 : the IS-100.b or IS-100.LEb are acceptable alternatives.

Certificates for these classes should be turned in with the basic police training packet provided to the Department or upon arrival at ALETA.  A compliance check will be made week 12 and any student without the completed certificate on file will be required to complete the class again or produce the certificate, prior to graduation on week 13.  Students will receive 1 hour of Basic Training credit for having completed the three classes.

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